Charlotte and Emerson Amalfi Cosmetic Bag

By Charlotte & Emerson


Charlotte and Emerson Amalfi Cosmetic Bag - Best Clear Organizer for Makeup, Toiletry, Medicine - Waterproof, Transparent PVC Plastic Clutch Travel Case with Zipper - Black and Gold - 8.7x5.6x3.6 In 

ūüíĄ¬†IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY USE - With dimensions of 8.7‚ÄĚx5.6"x3.6", our cosmetic bag has ample space to carry your everyday essentials. Small enough to squeeze into your tote. Just the right size!¬†

ūüíĄ¬†THE PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION - The¬†compact size makes it ideal for traveling, and¬†the clear material¬†allows you to pass effortlessly through¬†airport security.¬†It's elegance worth showing off!¬†

ūüíĄ¬†HELPS YOU STAY ORGANIZED - Being able to see right through the clear plastic lets you avoid fumbling through your stuff to find what you need. Perfect for cosmetics, toiletries and accessories.¬†

ūüíĄ¬†THE STYLISH CHOICE - Our clear bag has gold and black accents that give it a trendy look. A great match for any outfit. The pouch will be a lovely adornment in your bedroom, bathroom, or office.¬†

ūüíĄ¬†EASY TO CLEAN -¬†This¬†.5mm PVC bag is waterproof and low maintenance. Dropped it on the street? Spilled makeup in it? Simply wipe mess off with a damp cloth and it will be good as new.¬†

Are your makeup items scattered like crazy inside your bag?

Fumbling for your lipstick inside a messy bag can be awkward and frustrating. It is also time-consuming and messes up your bag even more. Organization is key.

No matter if you are leading the KonMari lifestyle or hoarding all shades of lipstick, you need a cosmetic bag to carry your daily essentials. It’s a must-have for ladies!

The Amalfi Cosmetic Bag by Charlotte & Emerson offers a practical yet stylish organizing solution.

Our cosmetic bag is designed for portability. With dimensions of 8.7‚ÄĚ x 5.6" x 3.6", it is spacious¬†enough¬†to store all your essentials but¬†has¬†a¬†compact size to allow for more mobility. It‚Äôs the perfect¬†organizing¬†container¬†to keep in the handbag you always carry around. Beyond¬†just the usual lipstick, powder¬†and blush-on, you can also¬†make¬†our¬†zippered pouch¬†a storage for¬†the toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and other toiletries you use at the office.

Are you an avid traveler? Whether you do it for work or for leisure, you need to keep your cosmetics handy while on the go. And because our cosmetic bag is made of clear PVC plastic, it gives you the advantage of avoiding the hassle of airport delays. You’ll be able to pass through security faster with your bag with all your items in clear view. Perfect for storing your toiletries as well!

If you care about style just as much as you do about functionality, our makeup bag is just the choice for you. Its trendy black and gold accents give it a chic look.

Here are other reasons to love our transparent cosmetic bag:

✅ PVC material is the world's most researched, thoroughly tested, guaranteed non-toxic plastic

✅ Strong and sturdy yet lightweight

✅ Multipurpose - use it to store nail polish, hair ties and underwear 

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