Charlotte & Emerson Mama Says Canvas Bags

By Charlotte & Emerson


Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother.  

With Charlotte & Emerson’s Mama Says Canvas Bag, you have a reliable travel organizer for storing your small items!

Bring some humor to your unique style with our fashionable canvas pouch. It is designed with a zipper that slides smoothly for easy opening and access to credit cards, electronic devices, fashion accessories, writing instruments, or receipts. Store your essentials--from cosmetic faves to work must-haves-- and always be ready to shine your light!

Just unzip the bag and everything is easy to find. No need to rummage through pockets just to find a tiny lipstick or nail polish. You can conveniently place bottles of perfume, moisturizers, or hair products inside.

Do you frequently travel? This canvas bag makes the perfect buddy for any beach babe or world wanderer. It not only securely stores your essentials but also makes a great carrying pouch. Bring it with you when you go hiking, camping, fishing or skiing.

Still not sold? Here are more reasons to help you make the right choice:
✅ Strong stitching and attention to detail
✅ Sturdy and flexible
✅ Compact and easy to store when not in use
✅ Protects items from moisture
✅ Prevents leaks and spills from staining your backpack or luggage